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Mother / Son Questions

Congratulations on your son's upcoming Wedding Celebration! The Party Favers are honored to provide the music and entertainment for your son's Wedding.

To enhance your dedication to your son you can send your pictures and\or brief video clips to Scott@ThePartyFavers.com via YouSendIt. Also take a look at Dynamic and Distinctive Dedications Make Memorable Moments.

Please answer a few questions about your relationship with your son. You may decide to answer some, none, or all of the questions.  Some may be too personal.  Only answer those questions you feel comfortable sharing.  Questions? Try our live online chat, call or reply anytime.  866-569-1793

Mother's Name: 

Your Mailing Address:  

Your Phone Number: 

Your Email Address:

Son's Name:

Wedding Date:

Step Mother? Yes No

Did you teach your son how to ride a bike? Yes No

Did you teach your son how to drive a car? Yes No

Did you walk \ drive your son to school? Yes No

Were you there for all \ some of your son's graduations? Yes No

Were you there for all \ some of your son's Birthdays? Yes No

Stayed up for  him to come home from his first date? Yes No

Do you have a nick name for your son? 

Did you have a song you used to sing to him?

Was there something you always said to him?

What was your favorite trip \ vacation \ time spent with your son?

What I like best  about my son is…

I hope we can… or I look forward to…

I was most proud of my son when…

Any funny stories or sentimental moments you would like to share…

+ Scott Faver

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