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Dynamic & Distinctive Dedications
Make memorable moments

Written, spoken, photo, video and more.  You, and your guests, can use these tools and ideas to create personalized, dynamic & distinctive dedications to express well wishes, congratulations, tell a story… And create memorable moments.

Out of towners, family or friends who cannot travel, or simply those who want to express themselves, can share photos and \ or video to display on the big screen.  Or record an audio message to enhance and personalize their dedications.

Select a song for your dedication.

Audio Samples

Video Samples

You Send It

Send one or more pictures via YouSendIt, a free service, that makes it easy to send large files \ photos via EMail.  Just one picture, or a variety of pictures, YouSendIt is the way to go. From YouSendIt send your files to: Scott@ThePartyFavers.com

Please contact me if you need technical assistance in Zipping \ Compressing multiple files \ pictures into one file.

Record a personal message \ dedication

Record a personal message \ dedication at: 866-569-1793 x7.

Start your message with your name, date of event, and the name of whom the message is for.  Pause for a moment.  Then begin your recording with the name of the person whom the message is for, your name, and then your message.  For example:

Hi my name is John Smith, the event is on February 16th 2010 and this message is for Sally Jones.


Sally, it's John, and then your message...
What to say?

You may say whatever you like- Something fun, funny, humorous, touching, poignant, sentimental... Read a passage from a book or a poem, share a story, remember a moment, or simply speak straight from the heart.

The fine print

It is our intention to personalize the event and to make it as entertaining as possible.

With that in mind we reserve the right to edit your message to make it clear and concise.  Some songs may have more than one dedication. And, due to time constraints, some dedications may not be aired and \ or may not include the dedicated song. Too, we will take into consideration what dedications are appropriate for the event.

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